Trust a Roof Contractor in Lansing with a Firm “Safety First” Program

When searching for a roof contractor in Lansing, it’s important to seek out a trusted, proven company that has displayed an unwavering commitment to safety. Whether your roof is leaking, your shingles are curling, or you’ve noticed algae spreading across your roof’s surface, you need a contractor that will work with you to identify the problem, recommend solutions, and – above all else – perform the necessary work in a safe, professional way. Luckily, you’re already at the website of Sherriff-Goslin, the area’s most trusted roof contractor and the only one with a comprehensive “Safety First” program that ensures all work is performed by well-trained professionals using safe, OSHA-approved equipment.

The team at Sherriff-Goslin in Lansing understands that our customers’ main concern is their roof: what kinds of damage have occurred, how that damage is going to be fixed, and when their job will be completed. Because of this, safety is often their secondary concern. Wholeheartedly committed to protecting our customers, however, Sherriff-Goslin ensures that all immediate concerns are addressed without compromising on safety, security, and protection.

Our “Safety First” program is designed to protect homeowners and to afford them a higher degree of confidence in our workmanship. Confident in the training that our contractors have received and the equipment that they use, we have earned a reputation as the safest, most reliable, and most trusted roof contractor in Lansing. Maintaining this reputation for over 100 years, we’ve worked continually to uphold our core values of integrity, quality, and safety.

At Sherriff-Goslin Lansing, our aim is to create a better, safer roofing experience. With a team of fully trained, fully equipped roofers that are all fully covered by up-to-date insurance, we’re happy to provide any paperwork or documentation that you need. If you’ve been searching for a roof contractor that is 100% committed to safety, contact us today to schedule your free roof inspection or estimate.