Ask Your Lansing Roofing Contractor: How Do I Slow and Prevent Moss Growth on My Roof?

As the premier Lansing roofing contractor, Sherriff-Goslin often fields questions about moss growth and – more specifically – how to slow and prevent it. Moss on trees may be beautiful, but moss on a residential roof is an eyesore and – worse yet – has the potential to damage the roof’s asphalt shingles. If you have moss on your roof already, you should consider having it washed or cleaned. An experienced roofing contractor can help you find the product that you need to address the issue and can direct the cleaning process to ensure proper, effective removal.

If there isn’t moss on your roof, it’s definitely beneficial to start thinking about prevention. It’s much easier to prevent moss from growing than it is to get rid of it once it has infested your roof. Following a few simple tips can go a long way toward slowing – and preventing – the growth of moss and the problems that it brings.

One of the best ways to prevent moss growth is to keep your roof clean. A roof that is free of debris provides less opportunity for moss to grow. Often, a garden hose is all that’s necessary to clean your roof, but if your home is in a wooded area, it may be an ongoing project that requires shaping the nearby environment. Shaping the environment also allows you to eliminate shade, one of the leading culprits when it comes to moss growth, as lack of sunlight and cool temperatures allow moss to proliferate.

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